Some more sneak peeks...

Hello Lovelies, 
oh you lucky ones!!!

You`ll get some more sneak peeks, yes you will!
Some of the hall, bedroom & chaotic kitchen...

Are you ready? okay, let`s peek...

Sexy wall, right? And this sexy bulb, oh my.. ;)

Here comes the bedroom.
I decided to add some doors to the build ins. 
Loos better now and there I can store all my remaining deco objects I use for blogging.
Turned out very well, is all I can tell for the moment.

Yup, not finished here but you`ll get to see the end product soon.

Here is a pretty nice #shelfie to begin with.

And are juju hats still a thing? 
Or am I a bit late for that party?
I kind of find them pretty amazing but since they made out of feathers it is not my style.
So I made myself 5 amazing ones from crepe paper, recycled and upcycled of course.
So no animal was harmed here...

Here is just one up on the wall, 4 more to come and compliment the look.

There will be one in silver, 
a beige brownish color and a mixed one with white,
 beige and silver and a little gold one. 
That looks awesome, at least in my opinion.
Wanna know what was funny? 
The big bad boy fell down this night, 
directly on my hubbys `s face. 
He didn`t even woke up! XD
So hey for the light weight juju hats! 

And now for the kitchen, please bare with me, 
it looks chaotic and messy, 
but I still cook during renovation and is is kind of a construction area.
But I adore this color. It feels so cozy in there. 
All these dark colors mixed with the light grey and crisp white. So loving it.

These were my sneak peeks for you!
Please be patient for the reveals!
I am still in the process for some good photos. 
Because of the terrible weather we really don`t have that much natural light, to work with.
So keep the fingers crossed for some sunny days!

I have a question, have you picked out some colors for your home? 
And stick to it?
For me it was a learning process along the way.
With my clients I am pretty strict, we pick colors, go shopping and there it is. 
A pretty, finished home.

But for my home, as you may know I change my mind a lot! 
Since recently. 
Now I am more in the dark tones.
I love white and all kind of grey.
So I picked out my colors now!

In my living room I have this dark grey with a blue undertone.
I also have it in my bedroom.
For my entrance hall I have a nice light grey, almost a chalk grey.
The one half of my kitchen is painted in it too.
In my office and dressing room I have a similar light grey.
That`s for the wall colors.
Since all my doors, ceilings and most of my furniture 
is crisp white it is easy to pull of the dark colors.

For accessories, rugs, bedding 
I chose some brown, creme white, red, gold, silver and turquoise tones.
And stayed pretty consistent during the past 5 years.

And I find it is pretty nice and easy to stick to it. 
Since I don`t shop for nick nacks and stuff and use what I already have, 
I change them up once in a while.

I have this kind of beachy eclectic kind of style...
 This is how I describe it anyways ;)

So what`s your opinion on that?
Does one need to have a consistent color palette or do you change your mind once in a while?
And go crazy with your ideas? ;)

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