Hommage to where I live.. my home and neighborhood, sort of.

Hello Lovelies, 
have you this feeling too?

When you come home and are just simply happy? 
Happy where you live, how your home looks like?
Happy, when you enter the front door and see all the imperfections and stuff you have to do in your home, but still happy to drop your keys and just be home?

I know I have this feeling a lot lately.
I am happy to come home every time.
I truly love my home.
I still think there need to be is a lot of improvement around here.
But still, I love my home.

And it is not only the house or the property.It is the nature that surrounds us, the view from our home,
the neighbors and even the post man I know for a decade!;)

So I just wanted to share some of the beautiful nature photos I did. some sun raises and sun sets, 
some trees and flowers...

When I am in nature or in the woods I am happy, surprisingly there is a lovely small forrest nearby, where I never went.

I don`t know why, but since I got to know that place I love my neighborhood even more.
I can go for a hike or a run there, to clear my head and get some inspiration for some art.
I love that around here are some pretty steep hills, where I can ride my bike.

I like that we live near the city, so If I need something it is pretty easy to get there.
I like that here live some pretty amazing artist who are painting the city! ;)

Just think about that, be grateful of what you have and even of what you don`t have.

Be grateful that if you can read this on a computer or a smart phone, you simply have enough to live you have a warm home, running water a warm bed, probably very good food!

So once again, be grateful for what you have! Be happy with what you have!
You`ll never know when all this will be over!
We tend to forget how lucky we are, at least I did.
And you certainly don`t know where your path will lead you ;)
So be happy with your home, your surroundings and your life! 
I chose to be! ;)



  1. I totally agree with you!
    What a beautiful post on a beautiful area.

    1. Thank you for the Love! ;) Yes it is soo nice here! ;)

  2. Recht hast, liebe Lydia, so recht! Und einige wirklich schöne Momente und Plätze hast du eingefangen. Kein Wunder, dass du verliebt bist ;-)

    Meine neue Homepage dauert noch ein bisschen. Ich bin ja gerade heute erst mit allen Social Medias umgezogen ... Und ein Logo muss ich auch noch bauen. Und Visitenkarten. Und ...
    Heute geht's schon ein bisschen besser, ich hab' mich auf's Husten statt schniefen verlegt ;-)

    Liebe Grüße ... Frauke

    1. Uii, wie gesagt, da bin ich mal tierisch gespannt! Ich gehe ja auch seit einiger Zeit mit dem Gedanken Schwanger es zu tun... Mal sehen was daraus wird!
      Husten und Schniefen klingt doch schon fast gesund! ;) Prima, dann kurier die Sachen auch noch schnell weg! ;)


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