A new/ old sideboard for my mom`s living room!

Hello Lovelies, 
today I wanted to share with you a 
revamped sideboard I did for my mom`s living room.

If you follow me on Instagram, you`ve already seen the transformation.

From this worn out and overused but still beautiful piece, 
to a modern, dark grey sideboard.
Like always, sanded the piece of furniture, 
covered the holes and painted the whole thing in a nice dark grey!
Love the color lately! ;)

Here is the before of the living room.
Nice but not so suitable pieces.
My mom wanted a more "country house" look.

Here some knobs we bought from IKEA.

We added two more pieces to the sideboard, sadly I haven`t made a before photo or them.
But one of them had these pretty old ceramic knobs, which we tried to match.
We came pretty close.

But after we added them to the furniture.
It doesn`t felt right! If you looked too long on them your eyes started to wander across the furniture and you were kind of buzzed, if this makes sense;)
So we painted the knobs of the sideboard a rich black and all of a sudden everything was all right.

Here is the after.

What do you think?
My mommy is in love with how it looks and that is what matters to me ;)
Here is the before and after for you to compare.

Love to hear from you;)

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