Join or not to join?

Hello Lovelies, how are you?
I am fine and back from my trip to Tenerife.
I was there for about two weeks and it was amazing!

So my topic today is join or not to join?
It is a really tricky question, with all these social media sites out there...
I am now in Facebook, Google+, here o blogger of course, following some guys on Bloglovin
and thinking about to joining Instagram and Snapchat.

Does all this do something for my career?
Or for anybody?

I don`t know, maybe I am not taking it all seriously like other people do.
I am posting rarely on all this platforms I think...
Maybe I should visit them more often.
Or is it, that I haven`t found the perfect site for me?

I think with Insatagram I found the perfect tool for me.
I am so so lived under a rock this whole time... :)

But it is fun and I would know your opinion on this topic, 
are you sometimes overwhelmed like me with all the stuff going on and all the new social media popping out everyday?

Or am I simply too old for this kind of stuff? XD
Anyways here is my Instagram account,
Just click on the left sidebar and follow...

I will share some more private photos, projects and painting progress as well.
But really a bit more about my daily life, so, who is interested?

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