Patio renovation! Or how to bring home, some beachy feeling...:) Part 3!

Hello Lovelies!
How are you?
I am back from my two day exhibition experience, 
it was really fun!
Really nice talks and interesting people.
I will show some photos from the exhibition later.
But now, back to the patio business!;)

As I told in the previous posts, 
I wanted to lower the benches and build in a cat toilet. thingy, something...

This was a completely fail at first! 
Because the benches wooden structure was rotten to the ground!
You can see right here, where the wood planks are, 
underneath we have two huge barrels for collecting rain water.
And the whole construction to held them was rotten too.

The water pump was leaking and a steady water rinse managed to damage the whole thing.

So we had to open everything up, throw it away and get some metal frames and 
wood to build the benches again!
Here is the whole mess!

This threw us a bit behind but we are ready now!
(And I can`t wait to show you the beautiful after photos. But this is a whole other post!;)

So we rebuild everything and this is how it looked...

And this is how it looked before the rebuild.

A bit different, right?

Oh I really can`t wait to show you the finished space, 
but at first here is a sneak peek of the new coffee table and hutch.:)

Are you as excited as I am? ;)
Have a nice start into the next week my Luvs!

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