Update on the patio renovation...

Hello Lovelies, 
it`s been three days, so how far have I come with the renovation?!
Not as far as I wished, but making progress!;)
So I removed the chicken/cat/rabbit wire, 
which was covering the windows of the entire patio
and put the acrylic glass in the window spaces, 
which looked kind of odd at the first sight.
But you get used to it.
It is still airy and light, minus the terrible wind and rain which 
always is on this side of the house.

See what I mean?

Than I got sidetracked by the beautiful smell of the elder bushes!
Oh so pretty and fragrant!

Oh, and look at this color,,,
isn`t this beautiful?

Okay. back to post...:)
So this is how it looks when all is finished.
The one side at least.
I don`t know if I want to cover the doors and the other side.
Well, we will see about that.

That`s  the view from the inside 

and the outside.

I want to paint the beams above the windows in the same grey tone as the color below.
It is too light right now I think.
Here you can see the side view as well, all painted too.
so I think I am done with painting.;)

Oh shoot now I see the missing plank!
Do you see it too? No?! That`s good...
I think my flower patches need some love too, 
oh I have so much love to give!
But this is a whole other story...

Oh and I have finished the scratching pole for my cats.

My cats do love it.
And I bought a gigantic indoor palm tree.
So huge and beautiful.
So I ned to pot the greens, and still not sure what to do with the floor and old rug!
Any suggestions?
Maybe I lower the benches too, not sure about that either...

Okay, now I will go back to the mess!

Have a nice start into the next week my Luvs!

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  1. Your porch is looking so pretty. I love you still have light but have your privacy and protection from the wind and rain. Can't wait to see it all finished.


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