My new organized Studio:)

Hello Lovelies, 
like I announced a while ago, 
I wanted to show you my revamped studio today.

I change my mind really often when it comes to decor, 
design, styling rooms
or restyle furniture.
This is because I love this stuff;)
And why not?!

I think I am not really done with this room, 
need to clean out a little more and find some other storage solutions.
But I am pretty sure I will stay in this color palette.;)

So here it comes my finished Studio (for now...)

On this spot I had my sketch table. 
This one moved to the other side of the room.
Here I have now a siting area,  where I can chat with my clients, 
or simply read a book...
Isn`t this little lamp the cutest you`ve ever seen?;)
I will made a cute little side table, which I show you next time.

Here we go, now you see the huge craft or painting table, 
with my huge architect cabinet.
And my sketch table.
My dad added some more ceiling lights.

I put some big rolls under the cabinet, for easy moving, 
because this thing is huge and heavy!
And I want to change the handles, don`t like the gold ones.
Want to put the same ones like on the other cabinet, where you can see below.

Under the table you can find all sorts of paint, 
in huge pots and containers which don`t fit in to my paint cabinet.

Some (un)finished work standing here and there...
I so do love this IKEA cart! Really amazing, what you can fit in it.
And so easy to move around.

My storage units.
In the left cabinet I have all of my paints and brushed, foam rollers...
And in the big one, with the orange cubical`s are my sketchbooks, 
duct tape, pallet papers and some other stuff...

In the cabinet  near the orange clock is a hidden sink, 
where I can wash my brushes and stuff.

This is it, the tour around my studio.
Come over and visit me;)
I would love that!

So what do you think?

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