I am at Society 6 now! A quick one...

Hello Lovelies, 
how was your week so far?

Mine, busy, as always;)
So, I finished some more paintings for the upcoming exhibition in august.
Rearranged my studio. It is now officially finished.
So pretty, I will show you soon the outcome.
I met some amazing artists as well, will tell you more about this too.
And I decided to put my art on another shop,
I don`t know if you are familiar with Society 6. 
But oh my do they have pretty stuff.;)
If you are an artist, you can simply put your artwork there and they will print your art on everything!
Mugs, pillows, Iphone cases and you can sell your art as gallery prints as well!

Wanna see Winston on a pillow?;)

Cute right?
Ore some totes?;)

These are the first ones I uploaded right now.
I loove how they look.
So if you like them and always wanted my art in your home not in a frame
but instead on your couch, please visit my shop there.
I would love to have you there;)

Have a nice week my Luvs.

Pudel - design


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