How`s your weekend looked like?

Hello Lovelies,
how was your weekend? 
I have finished some more paintings, organized a shelf in my studio, 
cleaned out some stuff and found a stump...;)

Here are some finished paintings...

For this one I am building a pink frame, like in the picture above.

I finally finished "Ophelia`s" hair!
I don`t know but this was kind of a long ride :)
I am considering to put some flowers around her, maybe some purple ones.
I don`t know yet, should I?

And " Little Viking" is evolving too.
So happy I am getting the direction I wanted this painting go to.

I want to paint a huge white wolf at the background-
The boy is going to gat a coat as well, maybe some snow too, we`ll see.

Like I pointed out in the previous post I painted the walls in my studio.



Looks so different, right?

And here is the shelf before, with my paints in the left container
and all of my books I like to have around, my brushes,
 pallet paper, paintings and hidden stuff like duct tape and paint rollers.

I simply went to Ikea and bought these orange, foldable fabric container 
and put all the stuff in;)
Like this.

And here is the organized shelf!

Looks so much better, right?
Love the orange and space, man they can fit a lot;)

And I found a tree stump!
I wanted to make him a little side table for my studio;)

Maybe something with glossy pink?
Well, stay tuned for that ;)

How was your weekend?
Please tell in the comments below!
I love to hear from you;)

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