What I was up to the past week...

Hello Lovelies, it`s been an busy week around here.
The snowfall diddn`t really stopped till now. 
But we are expecting more tonight.

So not much to do outside, 
I decided that it`s about time to finish up some paintings 
for my upcoming exhibition in august.

I will call it "Mystic Circus"
It will be 16 paintings, 5 or so existing ones and 11 new ones.
With some circus artists and woodland stuff.
I think it will be fabulous if I can say this myself.
It will also be all dark and mystical, like the title says ;)

So, here are some to start with, they are in the making right now...

"The Circus Acrobat" - 90x90cm - Acrylic on Canvas

"The Little Wicking" - 100x120cm - Acrylic on canvas

Than I finished painting my bedroom walls, will show you some after shots 
if we can get some natural day light during all this snow chaos outside.

And the last one, I am building a new sofa, like I told you in a past post.

This right there is a baby bed, actually that are parts of three beds.
I wanted mount the different pieces together to create a sofa, 
you will see the finished product soon!
Because all is done. My studio is finally finished. 
With some pretty gallery wall and storage. I am in love with this space! ;)

And here is another one of the baby bed ;)

I wish you all an amazing new week my Luvs!

Pudel - design


  1. oh my goodness such wonderful ideas....can't wait to see al the finished projects.


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