The best projects of 2014!

Hello my Lovelies,  I hope you had a pretty nice start to this new 2015!;)
Happy New Year to all of you!

The year is over! What else to do as a quick recap!
Shall we?
I don`t know how about you, but 2014 was a game changer for me.
All I was interested in is getting better and healthier. 

(Many things in my diet have changed since than but I am still vegan and planning to 
write another blog on that topic, lets see how this works out...)

And that reflected on my blog as well.
I didn`t post as much as I wanted to.
And that is a thing I want to change in 2015 for sure!

So here we go, my best projects in no particular order...
just click on the photo if you like to see them again;)

First Project of 2014!

A quick and easy Bench remodel!

The Kitchen reveal!

The hall reveal!

My Exhibition "COLORS"!

Gold & neon Pink Brick Bookends!

The Evolution of a Door!

Begin to look like Christmas!

A cute little Santa painting!

Of course I made some more paintings and prints.

Please tell my what you like to see in 2015!
More DIY?
More Knock Offs?
More Paintings?
I would love to know!
So I can make this blog more interesting for all of you!

I hope you enjoyed this post tour and I want to thank you all my dear readers,
for support and interest!
 I want to thank you all, who featured my blog or posts in 2014!
That was awesome;)
Let`s open our arms to a new and exciting 2015!
Love & hugs