Inspired by Emily Henderson - My Succulent Garden ;)

Hello Lovelies, 
I was inspired by Emily Henderson again;)

She made this video on how to create your own succulent garden, with some vintage planters.
Nothing extraordinary but I kind of felt inspired by all the greens.
And I am in need of some pretty greens;)
Here is the video and after you watched it I will show you how my garden looks like.

Great, right?
Love her;)

And here is mine...

My old planter, love em, I used this thin as a fruit bowl.
Some different succulents and some soil for the cactus family ;)

Put some "dirt" in it and place your succulents as you like...

some here, and some there...

And your garden is ready!

Love the result, the different greens and shapes.

I changed my previous table decoration and used the planter as a center piece!

I love, my pretty little garden;)
Now I have to make some more for the bedroom and studio!
What do you think of succulents?
Love em as much as I do?
Please tell me, I love to hear from you!

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