First Project of 2015! ;)

Hello my Lovelies, 
lets start this year with a pretty simple and easy DIY!
Shall we?!;)
I think this was the easiest one I ever did.
Since I´ve sold my Jelly painting, I didin`t found a replacement for it.

The wall is used as a photo backdrop for my several paintings.
I wanted to braid a macrame for a long time, something like this...

As I got my yarn and stuff, I found some old fake capiz shells, already hung op an some strings...
So I changed my mind and made an "Capiz Macrame"!
Not braided of course but I gave em kind of a shape as seen above.
What I used:
A scissor, capiz shells a carved wooden rail and really thin wire.

I Simply put everything down on the floor and measured how log I wanted it to be, cut the wire and
rearranged the shells.
Than tied two loops which were former attached to the shells on to the rail and hung it up on my wall.
Simple and easy;)

It doesn`t look too perfect or even bit I like it that way;)

I love how the shells bounce back the light and the slight shimmer and glitz.

So what do you think of my latest DIY?
Like it?
Maybe I will braid one of the original macrame`s you`ll never know;)
Love to hear from you;)

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