Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014


Enjoy the summer my Luvs;)

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Sunday around the house.

Hello my Lovelies, 
how`s your sunday looks like?
Out in the sun?
We have like only 15C° around here, it`s too cold for me; /
But I was still outside for a walk, 
with the pups;)
And snapped some pictures.

The flowers are in full bloom again, some delicious berries ripe to be eaten, 
the kitties are happy and sniffing around
and we stacked our wood for the winter months.

Some hydrangeas.

Ban Bam is inspecting my car...

Coby is going home and sniffing on some wood slat.

That was pretty much, what is going on around here;)
Just enjoying the outside....

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Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

Planning an IKEA kitchen!

Hello Lovelies, 
this is what I been doing today...
I was planning an IKEA kitchen for my clients.

I am ready, and on saturday we will go to IKEA and order the kitchen.
This is how the color of the fronts will look like.

At first sight it seems a little too dark, 
but when all is finished I think it will look amazing;)

So here is the floor plan and the virtual kitchen.

And here is the actual room.
Like you can see it is quite small, so it has to be functional.

We thought about some shelves instead of hanging cabinets.
To give the room a lighter feel.
Not sure which shelves it could be.
Sharing some inspirational pictures with you.

Like these a lot, best thing, you can get them at IKEA too.

Or some DIY shelves?

Or some dark ones to match the cabinet color?

And some IKEA shelves again.
See the black ones on the right side?

All of the options are great, not sucre which we will take.
What would be your choice? 
Any suggestions?

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Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Blue Pug

Hello Lovelies, 
here is the finished painting.

"Blue Pug"

So here he is;)
If you like him, come and grab him at my

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Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Don`t go crazy with the paint my darling... and some updates on my clients renovation.

Hello my Lovelies, 
this sentence you can read above was always the favorite of my
art professor. 
I think this is the reason why my paintings are so colorful these days;)
Who knows...

And here is how my past week looked like:
Last week we had some heavy thunderstorms around here.
Like you may know my studio is in the basement and it was raining so much
I had a water damage in this room :(.
Because of my own stupidity!
I just forgot to close the windows!

My pretty file cabinet, in which I keep my sketches and small painting, 
was standing 2cm in water.
The rug I had there is still hanging outside on the patio to dry.
Gladly all of my unfinished paintings were lying on the table or 
were put on scaffolds.
Nothing happened to them.

Other people weren`t so lucky, 
we had so many overflowed basements and car crashes and broken windows
and uncovered roof tops in our neighborhood. 
And even some fallen trees.
Thank God no one died last week. 

After everything dried and I firmly scrubbed the cabinet, 
I decided to raise it.
Simply put it on some big wheels.
Need to paint the attached planks in the same color as the cabinet.
But for now it is okay and it won`t be standing in water next time.

Very functional.

Like you saw in this post here I am preparing for my next exhibition.
I am working on some more paintings right now for my Etsy shop.
Here are just the primed canvases.

And some abstract painting in the making, for a client, primed in a turquoise color too.

I like this color really bad!
So I painted some wood boxes, will show you their purpose later this week;)

And finally, I was shopping for my clients.
They repurpose their entire space. 
And now is the time for fabric and some accessories shopping.
Here are some pillow cases, that we consider.

We go for a beachy feel in the living room, it kinda feels right, with some greens and brown, beige , 
light grey and yellow accents.
I think this would be a really colorful space;)

And look at this beautiful rug!
I found it at my clients attic!
Look at these vibrant colors!
This rug is almost 40 years old, she got it on her marriage in 1975!
I think it is really beautiful.
And that is the deal here, mixing new pretty stuff with gorgeous sentimental goods;)

(But always remember, don`t go crazy with the paint or color my darling... Aaaah fu** that;))

This will look amazing!;)
And one more good thing!
The stove arrived on friday!
Yay, new kitchen!

This was my week.
I wish you a wonderful new one.
Love and hugs to all of you my Luvs;)

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Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

A quick and easy bench remodel.

Hello Lovelies, 
here is my little bench remodel;)
Check it out.

I bought this little bench at a thrift store for 15€.
And it fits perfectly in my tiny hall.

I painted it in a grey with white stripes.

And here is the ready product.
I`ve sewn a new cushion as well, the old one did not fit my style.

So what do you think of my little bench makeover?!
Like it?;)

Linked to:

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Montag, 9. Juni 2014

Some new paintings and projects...

Hello my Lovelies, 
how was your weekend?

The summer is already here, it is hot. really hot.
So we grilled some plants and the rest of the weekend I was downstairs, 
in my studio, painting.
Because a new exhibition is coming up on august 1st!
Yes, me and my paintings in out town hall.
I will write another post about that;)

You have to know, that the most important thing about acrylic painting is 
Yes it`s all about the layers and patience!
I always forget the time, when I`m on my paintings. 

So here are my latest paintings. not finished yet... 
and the mess in my studio;)

"The pink Flamingo" is ready, just need some varnishing.
It is the 4th edition.
The first painting I sold to a nice girl in Italy, 
the 2nd is the one, which travels with me on my exhibitions 
and look quite damaged, the 3rd I sold to a nice lady in my hometown
 and this, I don`t know?!
Like it? just grab it ;)

Here are some in progress...

Here is a new one, don`t have a name yet, what is kinda funny, I always have a name 
for a painting, before I start to paint, but not this time;)
Let`s see how it evolves.

A cute little pug portrait, 
I painted this one with a different background color.

"Mermaids don`t cry"
is called this one below.

Like I said, all of them not ready yet.

And the next project I am in, is a rug design, 
yes, I want to paint a rug, it is this one, dirty thing  I found at a thrift store.
The one IKEA don`t sell anymore!
Can you believe that?
I think this is a shame!
So I grabbed one.

With this design, maybe, 

I will use white and this turquoise paint, love this color.

So if you like my latest paintings, you will get them in my 
shop soon.
Just come and grab them;)

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