Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

Gold & neon Pink Brick Bookends.

Hello Lovelies,
lets make some bookends today...
Let`s make something different, something unique.;)

Can you spot the DIY?
Yes, right, the gold & pink bricks.

I used some left over grey bricks from our driveway.
Simply spray painted them gold and taped them.

To get the pink part.
Love them;)
And here they are again in my bookshelf.

I am not the expert in bookshelf styling...
I just keep my ähhhm, books there and some deco stuff I like;)
Simple lie that.

These are not all of my books, I have many, many more, 
some I read a 100 times and some new ones, never touched.
Have to find time to read more.
Like you can see, I am reading Game of Thrones right now.
Love the books, but how can he just kill all of his characters so easily? 

So what you think of my stylish, new bookends?

Please comment;)
Have a nice weekend my Luvs!

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Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

The Kitchen reveal;)

Hello Lovelies, 
it`s been a while;/ but I am not dead!
I am back;)

And I want to show you my kitchen and my hall,
(previously known as hall of shame;)
Yes these rooms are ready,
and I got the photos done;)

You can see the before photos at the end of the post or just click the links.

So, on to the kitchen.
Warning this is a really photo heavy post;)

What we did:
We raised the cabinets and builded new shelves.
I painted the cabinets, walls and ceiling.
Got a new countertop.
Painted the handles.
A new door, which allows to get some day light to the tiny hall.
Got some nice lightning.
Got a table and some chairs.
and some pretty decorations;)

The expensive peaces were the table and the two chairs in this kitchen.
Oh yeah, and the door;)
(not counting the tile)
It is freaking crazy how much you have to pay for a door!

Here is the new nice tea and coffee station.
I don`t drink these beverages anymore, but I like how it look.
And my friends get some nice tea when they come over;)

My lovely plate wall.

My cleaned chalkboard wall and rooster clock;)

Here comes the hall;)

What we did:
Painted the walls and ceiling, 
got new floor, 
new lights, 
I got it from the thrift store and paid 15€ for it.
And found some heavy gold earrings, for about 50€ in the little drawer;)
So it is a win win!;)
Maybe it belonged to an old lady, who knows;)

Yesterday we put up a shelf above the door and build a small door over the door
on the left.
This sentence sounds funny;)
And I put a huge black plate instead of the reindeer head.
Will show you that too.

So are you ready for the before pix?;)

So, this is pretty much it...
I love my new kitchen and hall.
No regrets, wouldn`t done anything different;)

So what do you think?
Like it?

Love and hugs...

PS: This has been last year... 
Now my kitchen looks like this, 
just click the picture below, to get to the post...

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Freitag, 2. Mai 2014

Finally, The new Lonny mag is online!

Hello Lovelies, 
the new Lonny mag is online!

Just click the pic to get there.

In a new format & with Cindy Crawford!

Happy reading;)

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