Some updates on my studio situation...

Hello Lovelies, 
you have seen many stages of my studio and maybe tired already of
seeing another post about this unfinished room.
But here it is;)
Like I told you in the previous post before.
 I found a storage solution for all of my finished paintings and blank canvases.
It was a spare room that we never used, full of clutter and stuff.
Now it is empty and stores only my art pieces, prints, canvases, scaffolds and paints that I am not using yet.

I don`t know if you familiar with the feeling, not feeling home in a place, that something isn`t right!
Not really tangible...
And I have this feeling with my studio.
I have to work here, but it doesn`t feels right.
This is what I have to change!

You may have noticed in some posts that I sold the pool table 
and build another crafting table for the space.

So, here is the cluttered room XD!

This is the unfinished table, need to sand and grout and paint it.
It has the perfect hight, and size for me.
And my chair, the big paint pots and the cute serving cart I got from IKEA fit perfectly underneath!

I have so much more work to do with this room!
Hang frames and paintings, place displays and some plants.
Paint the walls of cours, I am so fed up with these stripes.
Rearrange some furniture and place a pretty area rug.
Got a new DIY sofa. Love it by the way. 
Will show you soon how it looks like and the full DIY story to it;)

There you can see some touched up shelves for my client`s kitchen on the new table.
So I am kind of working on and in the studio ;)

This doesn`t look homey, right?
Not really, but it is going in the right direction;)

So that was the tale of my unfinished space.
You may have notice I change my mind a lot;)

Can`t wait to show you the finished room!!!

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