Kitchen progress in the new space.

Hello Lovelies, 
here is the before, to remind you how it looked like!
The kitchen of ma clients, of course.
It was an library before, but they decided to get a kitchen instead.
So we were at IKEA an brought back a really pretty one.
This was in june!
And now it is nearly done.
You may wonder what took us so long?
Oh well, IKEA! 
At first they delivered the wrong doors, than we waited for ages for the right handles and knobs!
After I spent several hours on the phone to get things right, they shipped the handles but they were the wrong color!
The counter didn`t fit!
So we needed to return it too!
I could complain and explain the whole day.
But in the end here we have a gorgeous almost finished kitchen!

Here are the before pix!

We`ve got some pretty lights!
All of the handles have the right color, 
the electrical equipment is build in.
All we need to do is put up some shelves, maybe put some moulding to the ceiling
and of course, decorate!!! ;)

This place need a pretty moroccan rug!;)
Today`s task is to put the shelves on to the wall and clean up a little.
And on sunday we trim the walls and get all the electrical stuff to work.
So, what do you think?
Love to hear from you!

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