DIY Domino painting

Hello Lovelies, 
how`s your weekend looks like?
I am about to finish some more paintings and decorating the kitchen project.
Finished a painting for a client`s space 
and made a DIY Domino canvas for you my Luvs;)

Just pick a rectangular shaped canvas and paint it black, 
find the middle and tape it for the middle part of the "domino-stone"

Than use any kind of round object to crate the domino stone "eyes".
I simply used my sharpie container top.
And use your color of choice to fill them.
I used gold acrylic paint.

Let everything dry, maybe paint the edges gold too and put the whole thing on a shelf! ;)

I apologize for the blurry images, it obviously was too dark ;/
Promise to take some better pictures next time I am visiting!

There you have it, a simple and pretty decoration object;)

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