How to; DIY photography Lightbox under 5€!

Helo Lovelies, 
I don`t know about you, but I always wondered how I may 
do some pretty product photography on my own.
To look them more professional.
So I searched youtube and found some amazing tutorials;)

I think they are more accurate to what I did, but anyways I wanted to share 
mine with you;)

What you need to build your own Lightbox is;

A box, tissue paper, white cardboard, tape, and a knife.
It happened that I had all of these things at home,
the cardboard is about 2,50 and the tissue paper about 5,95 a whole package.
I had it left from this project here.

So what you simply need to do is cut three windows in your box.
cover it with tissue paper, and lay the cardboard inside your box.
and you are done;)

Do you see the holes in this box?
They kinda look like faces... facet that don`t want to be cut out...

When that is done you end up with this and tape your tissue paper down.

Now let your cardboard slide inside the box without creating any sharp edges and tape it don to the corners of your box.

You can cut the excess cardboard, which I did later and find some lights.
and shoot away;)

This is the finished product and here are my first shot...

I have to experiment with the lighting but for the first time, not bad;)
What do you think?
Pudel - design


  1. sieht wunderschön aus, tolle Idee!

  2. This is such a great idea! The natural light lasts for only a few hours now that the seasons have changed in the midwest. I am constantly having to delay shots because of the bad light! I'll definitely have to give this a try. Thanks for linking it up with Found & Foraged too!!!! Hope to see you again this Saturday.


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