A DIY topiary and an evolution of a door!

Hello Lovelies, 
I know that many of you already decorate for the holidays.
But I am not in the mood for Christmas, 
maybe it`s because we didn`t have a autumn yet!
It isn`t really cold or something, yesterday we had  about 16C° it`s like an spring day, 
with some clouds but mostly sunny.

So I decided that my newly renovated living room needs some greens;)
And I made a topiary,(again).
Wanna see how I did it?
Let`s go...

This is what I used:

I didn`t like the pink pots, so I changed that to light turquoise.
With this color.

I cut the  "stem" of my future tree in half and used these two paints to
give em a brown look.

Just poured the paint on a paper towel and rubbed it on the wood.

Here we have two pretty pots and a the stems.

Than cut the foam in shape and glue it down in the pots, put the stems in the middle of it and
glue your moss in place.
And don`t forget to add your fake leaf ball on top:)

And voila, here we have the finished product!

(please excuse the dirty windows, as I made the shots, they seemed perfectly clean)

And again the two of them together;)

So what do you think?:)

And now on to my entry door.
This poor thing have seen places, I can tell...;)
I mean colors, a lot of different colors.
At the beginning it was a plain, boring white door.
Nothing special. Until I decided to paint it black.

Than I changed my mind and as you`ve seen in one previous post I
chosen an light turquoise color.

But that wasn`t enough, It still looked boring to me...
So I added a wooden frame...

Than I got to bed and as I woke up 
I changed my mind again.
Now this door has a new color, again...
It is an emerald green bluish kind of color, 
I hope I still like it in a couple of days...;P

My neighbors think I am completely crazy, 
but I am over this;)
My mental state is not their concern;)

So what do you think?
Did you have these mind changing thoughts too? 
Please tell me I am not the only one;)

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  1. Hi Lydia, ich hab auch viele Buchsbaum Baelle zu Hause rumfliegen, tolle Idee und schoene Sicht hast Du vom Wohnzimmer!!! xoxoxo

  2. Awesome tutorial! I love how they turned out! Thanks for sharing! Also wanted to let you know about a new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at http://www.houseofhipsters.com

  3. Love your topiary! Super cute! We just did a post on faux topiary too. Thanks for sharing with us at Your Designs This Time!

    Emily & Erin

  4. Love the topiaries and love your space!!

  5. I love these!! Where did you buy the containers and the topiary balls? Thanks so much for linking this up at Found & Foraged!

  6. great job on the topiaries, but I LOVE how the trim changed up the door. Catching you!

  7. Vielen Dank für den LinkUp bei Found & Foraged! Es wurde gepinned. Hoffentlich sehen wir uns wieder am Samstag Abend um 20:00 Uhr http://houseofhipsters.com


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