How`s your weekend looks like? - And a huge mess!

Hello Lovelies, so how`s 
your weekend so far?
We still have here about 25C°!
No real fall weather in sight, 
That`s nice but I kind of want a colder weather.
I am looking forward to the cold chills;)
How about you?

I know I am really far behind my blogging schedule!
But I am loaded with work, new and old projects, many unfinished paintings, 
so my internet time has to be limited for a while.
I still need to show you the finished floor plan of my clients.
The rooms are really gorgeous!
Their kitchen looks stunning;)

I have so many arrangements to do for my next suitcase market. 
which will be on November 2nd!

And I have to finish some paintings fro the next exhibition I am having next year!
So, like I sad many work to do.

And If this wasn`t enough I decided that my 
entry door and living room needed new colors;/

So I went from deep black to a more brighter color...

and who`s fault is that?
Pinterest`s of course!
Look at these beauties!

I know I am maybe late to jump on the band wagon, but this is how my door looks like now.
I will add a new gold door knob and a lion head as a door knocker.
And maybe coat the door in a glossy varnish?
Well, will see...

So, that was the door, on to the big mess, 
I love my nice, pale grey walls, but it`s time for a change now.
I got this dark grey wall color!

It looks a lot darker than in this picture here

So here is my living room before, I just have the before pictures, 
and one after.
So here we go, be prepared;)

So now you have officially seen the other side of my living room!

See, in the right corner, is the new wall color, it is really dark, but I love it!
SO much;)

Actually the room looks quite bigger now, with everything back in place and all cleaned up!;)
The color changes from dark grey to a muddy greenish grey during the day, because of the lightning.
Like I said, love the color;)

You can see one of our new racing bikes, haven`t figured out where to put them during the winter.
Our garage is a messy place and since it gets really cold here I don`t want to put them there.
Maybe we will hang them on the wall...

I will post some after pictures soon, I promise!
So to start of the new week, here are some cute kitty pictures;)
With a peek of the new wall color of course!;)

Have a nice week my Luvs!

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  1. ahhh die Kaetzchen sind ja suess und die Tuer Farbe gefaellt mir auch total !!!!!

  2. Die neue Farbe ist super! Und die Katzen erfreuen mich immer. So süss


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