My Exhibition

Hello Lovelies, 
my exhibition is going well so far.
Here are some photos from the day I  hung up my paintings.

Here is the great hall, my paintings were hung.
And two small hallways.

Hubby is helping;)

The caretaker of this building told me, to be careful 
where I leave my stuff while hanging my paintings.

Because those people, who visit the town hall are stealing everything.
I found this really funny in some way.
So I was back there, last friday to shoot some photos for a local
newspaper and gave an interview.
And found out that a journal, I displayed, as an guestbook, 
you know where the people can write down how they like my art and stuff, 
was stolen! 
Can`t believe this, but I was warned, right?;)
I hope the person who did it has fun with it, and draw some pretty stuff in it;)

So please keep you fingers crossed, that I can get all of my paintings back home
after the exhibition ended...

Here is the last finished painting, I made for this event,
Sorry for the bad light.

I called it 

"The Beach Ensemble"
60x80cm - Acrylic on canvas

I hope you have a wonderful start to the next week my Luvs;)

Pudel - design


  1. Guest book stolen!? That's unbelievably nasty. What can anyone do with it... so now you know you have to chain your next guest book to a table or something. Hope your exhibition is going on well and maybe you sell some of your paintings!

  2. Hi Lydia, Anthrazit ist eine tolle Farbe, ich habe eine Wand im Schlafzimmer so gestrichen und finde es immer noch super. Es macht sich toll mit dem Eichenholz und den weißen Metallschränken davor. Im MOment überlege ich aber fast, ob ich die gleiche Farbe wie im Wohnzimmer auch ins Schlafzimmer bringe.... das ist nämlich echt so schön geworden!
    Viele liebe Grüße


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