My invitation cards are finally here...

Hello my Lovelies, 
you must think, what the hell is she talking about?
Oh I totally forgot to mention, that I am having an exhibition in august!
No just kidding, I haven`t, I told you about it;)
Maaany times.
So the building, where it will take place is this one here.

Looks pretty nice, right?
This is out town hall, 
Our little town is almost 1200 years old, so this building is pretty old too.
All I can say, that I love it and I am a little proud to show my paintings in such a great architecture;)

Now to the invitation cards!
These are made for my exhibition and I like them too.
So here we go.
My exhibition is called
what is  a perfect fit for my bright paintings.
 I sold a couple of my originals this year, I had to produce some new ones.
And you can see some older ones too.

So here are the cards, sorry for the crappy light, it`s like a cyclone is going through, 
its really chilly and rainy, and windy and dark outside.

I hope you can see the glazed typo.
Love this look:)

Here are the front and back in better light;)
they are really colorful;)

The exhibition starts on 02.08-30.08.
I`ll show you the setup photos, after all the paintings were hung.
Now I have a stack of envelopes, and some addresses they have to go to...
So my Luvs, I hope some of you who live near by and like to visit!
You are really welcome;)

Love & hugs


  1. Oh das ist ja eine aufregende Sache! Erstmal gratuliere ich dir zur Ausstellung und dann wünsche ich dir auch viel Erfolg!!!


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