How`s your Sunday looks like? Progress on paintings and kitchen.

Hello Lovelies, 
so how`s your weekend looks like?
I am in the full prepare mode.
Because of the upcoming exhibition and market in august.
So my paintings, I wanted to show there are almost ready.
Want to finish them by the end of the week.
Here are the results.
Sorry for the bad lighting, it is so dizzy and rainy outside.
Here is 
"Mermaids don`t cry"

Here is the progress on the nameless painting

And "Ophelia", I am working a while now, from time to time...

from this, over this, 

to this...

Like I said before, it`s all about the layers!
I made some beach signs too.

If you like what, you see, come and get some at my shop;)

And now, on to the kitchen progress.
This is once again. how the room will look like.

And here is the room how it looks right now.
IKEA could´t manage, to deliver all of the cabinets, and drawers, and handles.
So it had to wait...

That`s it so far,
 on monday I have to call the shop again 
and ask how long it will take to deliver the missing pieces.
Let`s see how this will go.
Alright my Luvs, have a nice week;)

Pudel - design


  1. Hi Lydia, good luck at the exhibition....Ich habe auch gemalt dieses Wochenende, allerdings Waende und keine!!!!!


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