Some new paintings and projects...

Hello my Lovelies, 
how was your weekend?

The summer is already here, it is hot. really hot.
So we grilled some plants and the rest of the weekend I was downstairs, 
in my studio, painting.
Because a new exhibition is coming up on august 1st!
Yes, me and my paintings in out town hall.
I will write another post about that;)

You have to know, that the most important thing about acrylic painting is 
Yes it`s all about the layers and patience!
I always forget the time, when I`m on my paintings. 

So here are my latest paintings. not finished yet... 
and the mess in my studio;)

"The pink Flamingo" is ready, just need some varnishing.
It is the 4th edition.
The first painting I sold to a nice girl in Italy, 
the 2nd is the one, which travels with me on my exhibitions 
and look quite damaged, the 3rd I sold to a nice lady in my hometown
 and this, I don`t know?!
Like it? just grab it ;)

Here are some in progress...

Here is a new one, don`t have a name yet, what is kinda funny, I always have a name 
for a painting, before I start to paint, but not this time;)
Let`s see how it evolves.

A cute little pug portrait, 
I painted this one with a different background color.

"Mermaids don`t cry"
is called this one below.

Like I said, all of them not ready yet.

And the next project I am in, is a rug design, 
yes, I want to paint a rug, it is this one, dirty thing  I found at a thrift store.
The one IKEA don`t sell anymore!
Can you believe that?
I think this is a shame!
So I grabbed one.

With this design, maybe, 

I will use white and this turquoise paint, love this color.

So if you like my latest paintings, you will get them in my 
shop soon.
Just come and grab them;)

Pudel - design


  1. wow, I want to hang out with you in your studio...looks like lots of fun!!!

  2. Gorgeous paintings again!
    Ich habe schon gehört dass es so heiss ist in Deutschland. Ich hoffe es beliebt so denn ich muss noch einen Monat warten bis ich endlich wieder in die Heimat komme.


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