Planning an IKEA kitchen!

Hello Lovelies, 
this is what I been doing today...
I was planning an IKEA kitchen for my clients.

I am ready, and on saturday we will go to IKEA and order the kitchen.
This is how the color of the fronts will look like.

At first sight it seems a little too dark, 
but when all is finished I think it will look amazing;)

So here is the floor plan and the virtual kitchen.

And here is the actual room.
Like you can see it is quite small, so it has to be functional.

We thought about some shelves instead of hanging cabinets.
To give the room a lighter feel.
Not sure which shelves it could be.
Sharing some inspirational pictures with you.

Like these a lot, best thing, you can get them at IKEA too.

Or some DIY shelves?

Or some dark ones to match the cabinet color?

And some IKEA shelves again.
See the black ones on the right side?

All of the options are great, not sucre which we will take.
What would be your choice? 
Any suggestions?

Pudel - design


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