We are done;)

Hello Lovelies, 
I am totally buried with work right now.
That`s good on the one side, because my hubby is in New York City right now!;)
For a business trip.
Lucky guy;/
And I has to work... and no time to really miss him.
So on to the floor photos, shall we?

Please just look at the floor, excuse the mess.
This huge mirror will begone by the weekend, and the walls will be painted.
Like in the living room, the future kitchen and the bedroom, you can see across the hall.

Bedroom, with gorgeous ornate wallpaper in a creamy grey;)

Here is the hall, 

They have to put the furniture back in the living room.
Because the did a room at a time.
Here is the cluttered living room.
We decorate later;)

These rooms still need paint, like the hall.
Some pretty art, rugs and nice decorations, like pillows and stuff.
So a trip to IKEA is planned;)
The bedroom will get the old furniture back as well, but with some twist of course;)
So stay tuned for that.
Wanna see how the floor looked before?

Every room had his own tile;( Not pretty at all. Now it looks clean and really warm.

This was the before.
Much better, right?!

If I have time, I will take some photos to document this event as well.
So Lovelies, this was it for today.
Love and hugs



  1. I love that wallpaper it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how everything else comes together!

  2. It' definitely better, I love the new floor.


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