Progress in the bedroom...

Hello my Lovelies, 
so we made some progress in the bedroom...
Not what you think;)
The floor is all done and we just had to put the furniture back in the room.
But than we decided to paint the bed and the cabinet.
It was a wood brown before, now we have a nice dark grey.
Looks fabulous!

Looks so much nicer now.
We also raised the bed a couple centimeters 
and made a headboard too. 
Than covered the whole thing with thick foam and 
an silver-blue denim fabric.

So, wanna see the painted furniture?
Here they come.

In this pic the cabinet doors were still wet.
It no longer look so spotty anymore.

What his room still needs is a second nightstand, some new ceiling light, 
a pretty rug and art and some night lights.
And we`re done here.

This is the future kitchen.

View from kitchen to hall.

Like you can see here, the huge mirror is gone now.

Maybe we place a nice low or floating sideboard and for sure a new mirror, 
but not that large, this time.

That were my updates. hope you enjoyed them.
Love & hugs and a nice weekend to all of you my Luvs.



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