How I got from high animal fat products to a raw fruit vegan diet!

Hello Lovelies, 
yes I can say now I am a VEGAN 
and I will never go back again, ever!

As some of you know, I was this year in a health center in Bavaria.
It was enlightening in some ways.

I met some really sick people, which are so much younger than me, 
who can`t move anymore, 
and some who are 60 years old and still have a nice healthy life.

So for understanding, 
I was diagnosed with Morbus Bechterew three years ago.
This disease is incurable.
It was so worse last year that my doctor decided I have to go to this health center.
Of course it hasen`t helped me to get healthier.
(Because all they want is your money! But it helped me on a personal level
through the people I met there.)

Two years ago I was nearly blind!
This is my condition on this disease!
Constantly pain and getting blind?! 
This for the rest of my life?
Chronic fatigue, constantly inflammations in the whole body,
 depression and pain, pain, the whole time!!!
And don`t forget the heavy medication!
Need to take chemo medicine, cortisone and other hardcore stuff just to get out of bed!
People who live with this illness definitely know what I am talking about.
This is hilarious!
I am 31 years old!
Can`t accept that!

So I decided to change my life.
To go raw, or vegan was one point.
Cut out the salt, fat and all processed foods out of my diet!
All the meat, dairy, eggs, honey...
I still eat cooked foods, but all vegan.

This went good so far, 
From January till now, 
I know this isn`t a long time, but I need to tell that I am feeling better!
In this short time I am feeling better than the last three years!
Oh my I can say better, than the last 10 years!

I do not need stimulants anymore, like coffee or energy drinks!
Because I am getting enough sugar from fruits!
And I can tell I was a junkie to red bull!  6-7 cans a day was totally normal, 
because I was feeling tired the entire time!
Now it`s gone!
It really feels amazing!
The constantly back pain is diminished!
I haven`t had acne or lips or oral aphthae in two months!
Which for me is really huge!

All I can say, this is amazing!
I feel really good, not the best version of my self yet but so much better now!
And my doctor and I think that we reduce the medication step by step.
We`ll see how this will go!
Maybe I am not the one who cures this illness, ;)
but if I don`t have to take this huge amount on medicine and I am feeling this good,
 life is worth living again Luvs!

So this was a promised update.
And I would love to hear from you, maybe anyone has similar experience or
needs to tell their story, so please, comment below or just write me an email.
LOVE to hear from you!

Here are some good youtube channels on this subject!

And this book is great too

So go for yourself and find out!

Love and hugs


  1. Lydia, so glad you are feeling stronger and NOT in pain! We too have been eating cleaner.

  2. Meine Schwägerin ist auch Veganerin. Sie hat eine sehr beliebte veganische Bäckerei:
    Sie ist hier in den USA ein veganischer Superstar ;)
    Ich bin aber noch nicht bereit Käse aufzugeben ;)


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