I think I am the last person to get the tree up!!! - Update

Hello Lovelies, it`s me again...:)
Now I think I am pretty satisfied with my decoration for today.
My tree is up, everything is full of glitter and lights.
The candles are lit, and it is cozy and warm around here...

I think I will be ready with my decorations this weekend, 
I will do one room at the time.
Now I got my living room ready.
Wanna see?

It`s comfy and cozy with the fire...
And with this view - 

- I wanna snuggle in right here and relax a bit...

Good night my Luvs, I`m out!;)

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  1. Trust me, you're not the last person.
    It's tradition in my family, to put up the tradition just a day or two before Christmas Eve… So, my parents won't have up theirs right now. And won't have until in a week :)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  2. Hallo Lydia, sehr gemütlich sieht es bei dir aus!!!! :-) schöne weihnachten Wünsche ich dir! Glg Billy


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