My new sketch-pads and journals awailable now!

Hello Lovelies!
I just wanted to show you my new designed sketch-pads and journals.
Hand wrote and draw designs on them.
Simply used some sharpies,
 markers and acrylic paint.

I made two designs with 
my beloved jellies!
A big journal in DIN A4 
and a small one with a blue roll pen in DIN A6.

All of them are made from recycled paper, 
with a slight brown carton spiral binding.
With slight yellow pages.
The big ones are lined with 60 pages 
and the small ones are blank with 70 pages.

And I designed one with some inspiring quotes.
Something to get you off your lazy ass and write or draw;)

Are you ready?
Okay, here they come;)

Jelly journal big!

Jelly sketch-pad small with pen!

Write something journal big!

So what do you think?
You like them?
If you do, you can get them at my 

Pudel - design


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