End of exhibition...

Hello Lovelies, today was the last day of my exhibition.
It was at our local community center, 
called HudL.
It is kinda sad that it has o end so soon...

But now nearly all of my paintings are back at home.
Except of seven I left there for a couple of months.
To bridge the time till the next drawer gets his work there.
And two, I sold.;)
And this is amazing! Never thought  of selling something.
I did the exhibition to get the people know me and
the sell is kinda a topping!;)

So here are my paintings still hanging there, 
before I packed them and got home;)
(Sorry for the crappy phone pix...)

A couple of them.
Bye Bye HudL
till the next time.;)

Pudel - design


  1. wow- it looks so amazing! wish i could come see in person- you are so talented.


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