A few very productive days...

Hello Lovelies, 
I am making progress.
And honestly I am fed up with the Matryoschki!;)
Can you believe that?

Wanted to use the break to show you the new additions.

So I made some other stuff...;)

Working on little Christmas canvases, some little pug puppies
and  some cute little robins, 
(not the superhero, the bird;), 
with berries.

Here some more...

Making some clay ornaments too, with drawings, 
need to dry first...

Also made a few Bam Bam on canvas;)

The folks love this cute little guy!
And got dirty hands...:)

What would be the internet without some cat pictures, right?!;)
Here is the model...

Sorry couldn`t resist, he loves to watch me paint and draw, 
so he can catch the pen or brush;)

So that`s for today.
Need to go back to work.
Only three weeks left, and still so much to do!;)

And all of them together;)

Pude - design


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