The pillows are in place, come and visit me;) Part 1!

Hello Lovelies,
I`m still here, 
haven`t posted a DIY or transformation in months!
That`s because I have so much work to do.
In this moment I am preparing stuff, like some small paintings, 
candles, bags, journals and stuff for my ETSY shop and 
for the Christmas Market I`m doing this year.
Just stay tuned and you will see more.;)

So on to the invite, I am ready with my stdio.
Really, mission accomplished;)
So, here you get the transformation!

I showed you some bits and pieces over the months.
And now I will show you the finished seating nook,
where my clients and I can chat about
 the sizes of canvasses, techniques and themes of the paintings.

So here is the after

I love it!
It is comfy and bright and not to forget very functional!
Wanna see a quick before from this corner
and the chairs?

Here we go...

Quite a transformation, right?
And some more after pictures...

With some Halloween decor;)

And the other side, you`ve seen before.
The side with the drawing corner.

So here we have the one side of the studio. 
the drawing and sitting corner.

And a quick sneak peek;)

These will be soon a pretty addition to my ETSY shop.
With hand painted designs!;)
So what you say to my lace?!
Stay tuned for the other half;)
Love and hugs...

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  1. Sieht alles super aus und die Sitzecke ist ganz toll! Keep up the great work.

  2. I would love to have such talent! Looks great!

  3. Gorgeous! I want a space just like that. I LOVE the orange

  4. Hm. Eigentlich hatte ich hier schon mal was geschrieben, aber manchmal hat blogger ja so seltsame Anfälle und lässt an einem Tag keinen meiner Kommentare durch… Das war wohl so einer.

    Na wie auch immer!

    Jedenfalls finde ich dein neu gestaltetes Studio ziemlich großartig! Orange ist zwar so überhaupt nicht meine Farbe, aber es wirkt total toll! Und dein Schreibtisch ist so schön! Und ich liebe diese breiten Querstreifen an der Wand – in der nächsten Wohnung muss ich mir auch welche malen, hihi ;)

    Lieben Gruß, Midsommarflicka!


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