How`s your sunday looks like & Flea Market Finds...

Hello Lovelies, 
today I combine two posts.

And after almost seven months I am finished!
What me took so long?
The only thing I have to do is put some decoration to the walls and 
wait for better lighting;) to make some good after pictures!
So here we have my plates on the wall, 
well some of them...

I went to some flea markets this friday, 
found some goodness, 
for really great projects.
Like this cute old little dresser .
I will place them in my bedroom, to the reading nook, 
which I am rearranging right now.

Will look great.
And here are the new knobs for this little cutie.

I am so into the plate on the wall thing right now!
That I couldn`t pass this gold wood bowl.
Need to get an other color.

I got two old chairs from my parents in law.
Don`t know what to do with them yet.
Any ideas?

At first I wanted to cut the backrest, to make some nice
stools. But not sure about them yet.

I broke a cute little porcelain elephant, 
a gift from a friend. buhu!

I simply broke in half, but the backside of him splattered in 
many, many pieces;(
Now I have only the front. thought about to paint it and glue him on 
some wood to make a fake taxidermic object.

And last but not least.
I found the time to prepare some of my new items
you will soon able to get at my

My new journal.
The big are lined and the small ones
have blank paper.
I created them with just a sharpie and some acrylic paint.

You can use them as a travel journal, sketch book, 
oh so many possibilities;) 

This was my week so far!
I wish you a nice fresh start to the next one!

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  1. Julia nimmt den Teller mit dem Bunny und ich den mit Messer & Gabel, ja? Alles klar? Prima! ;)

    Und den Elefanten kann ich mir total gut vorstellen vor so einem Holzstück als fake-präperiertes, wird sicher niedlich!

    Lieben Gruß, Midsommarflicka


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