How`s your Sunday looks like?

Hello Lovelies, 
today I wanted to show you my finished projects around the house.
Like my wall Clock tattoo, I got from Ikea. 
For my studio.
My sewed and ready in place awnings, 
for ma living room.
And a finished painting. 
Now to the tattoo.

So pretty!

So I decided, I need one too!
Not for the door, but for my wall.
On the left side here.

I got a nice shaped wall tattoo from IKEA.
But I wanted to have it in orange.
The problem was, my walls are BLACK!;)
So I measured the high of the clock to be and painted 
a glossy orange rectangle. 
Have no photo of that, I think you can imagine it;)

Than placed the sticker, and painted the overcoming orange paint
black again.
I placed my digital clock in the middle of the wall tattoo.
On some spots I sanded the orange paint, 
for a worn out look.
And LOVE; LOVE the result!;)
But see yourself!;)

So what do you think?
Like it?

Now on to the awnings.
Sewed all of the little bastards myself;)
Helped to shut out the heat a little, 
not what we expected, but looks nice anyway.;)

Left side, 

right side.

It feels like you live under a huge canopy bed 
or some sail.

And here is my new painting!
"A true Sailor Girl"

Complete with a whale wallpaper
and anchor earrings;)

Soon available on


Like it?
What have you doe lately?
Hope you have a nice start to the new week;)

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  1. Hallo!
    Was für ein cleverer Zug die Wand erst orange zu malen und die Uhr nicht als Tattoo sondern aus Farbe an der Wand zu haben. Total schick.
    Und noch eine Frage aus Neugierde: was hat Dich dazu bewogen zweisprachig zu schreiben?
    Ich habe mich für Deutsch entschieden... Vielleicht magst Du ja mal vorbei schauen.
    heim-eliche Grüße

  2. Die Uhr ist ja cool! Besonders, weil du sie so farblich abgesetzt hast und auch eine echte Uhr eingebaut hast :)

    Lieben Gruß, Midsommarflicka


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