My new Camera Bag! LOVE!

Hello Lovelies, 
oh my I am so in love with these Kelly Moore Bags!
Love the mustard yellow one!

And I need one for so long!
But, they are so expensive!;(

Thought about to sew an insert, so many good tutorials out there.
But no time for that!
And than I found this!
I think I am probably the last person on earth who
didn`t knew that you can buy such stuff!
At least not here in Germany.

So I found this in the US, but this company doesn`t ship to Europe;(
Buuut, three days ago, I ordered it on amazon!!!
And here it is now!
Happiest person ever;)

And a great deal too, for only 20€! With shipping!
A steal!;))
I have a pretty faux leather bag, in creme, I never wore it actually, 
 I bought it on sale for 15€

So the whole camera bag costs me about 35€!!!

Love the color, the size of the insert is perfect and matches the color of the bag.
you wouldn`t recognize that it is an insert if you don`t know!
 And looks great!
Wanna see?;)

Here without the insert.

And with.

Nice, right?

It comes in two other colors, blue and orange.
Maybe there are some people out there,
 like me, who didn`t know such stuff too.
And I could helped them...
(probably not;))

But I am happy and wanted to share;)
Happy Friday to you my Luvs!

Pudel - design


  1. Auf jeden Fall interessant, da ich seit kurzem Besitzerin einer neuen größeren Kamera bin und ganz sicher nicht so ne hässliche schwarze Nylontasche mit mir herumtragen werde. ;)
    Jule aus 9B

  2. Super Idee und sieht super aus. Love it too!


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