How`s your weekend looked like? - this time on tuesday...

Hello Lovelies, 
I did all of this on the last weekend, 
but had no time to blog about it;)
So, I show you today what I was up to.

It is incredibly hot around here,
 summer is finally here and we are MELTING!
Need some shade!
In our living room it´s about 36C°!

That is too much!
I decided to sew some awnings.
Measure, cut, sew, repeat... need 10 of them!

Here you can see them all ready on the left side of the room.

And the unfinished right side.

Than I thought to paint the remaining area of the roof in a creamy white, 
as heat protection.
I think it worked a little..

Here it is without paint, 

and with, can you spot the difference?

Need to do two more sides and some more coats for full coverage.

So tired from all the painting and sewing 
I went to IKEA and got this baby!;)

And literally hoarded all my stuff in it;)
No time for perfect placement, but love the look thought.
Really need to clean up a little;)

I also got a clock-wall-tattoo!

Here it is unfinished, but I can tell you it looks great on the wall!
Show you some pictures when I have better light around here..

After that I got back to my sewing machine and made two envelope pillows
For my chairs in the studio.

Cute, right?

There you can se my cute reading nook, with the white sofa...

I sold it and thought about buying a new one but instead 
I got a new couch for my living room, 
the old one was not that pretty anymore.
And it was OLD!
But some parts were quite nice.
So I ripped them apart 
and this is how my bedroom/reading nook looks like now!

I went from this

to this!

Wanna see the new bedroom couch in its full old glory?
Okay, I`ll show you!

I`m simply living on a construction site!;)
Yes there is a door in my bedroom! 
I can`t simply finish one room and be happy with it!
My head is always full of ideas and other crazy stuff, 
which need to be done;)
But I am sure, one day I will finish up this mess;)

That`s what I`ve been up to on the weekend!;)

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