Some new additions to my studio space...

Hello Lovelies, while I am still working on show-worthy
before and after pictures of my kitchen and hall.

I thought I show you some from my studio space.
Done some changes and still in progress.
This place is in a constant work process, but every time I`m here, 
I just feel blessed to have a such inspiring place for ma;)
So happy I got so much SPACE!
Which really need some touch ups.

But I`m pretty confident to get it done this year;)

This here is the other not nearly ready side of it.
With the "lounge" corner.
With some cozy chairs, (still in need some nice upholstery, 
the other one is in the making;))
An Ikea cabinet, my old Alex. 
Just put them downstairs today, think need some orange too.

So my old, thrifted cabinet, where my sink is in, is like you can see, ready!!!
See these nice legs?;)
Yay, to that!
Haven`t decided what lamp I want here, maybe something like this?

Still don`t know...
And I added some Ikea shelves, for display, 

the postcard bunting is gone too.

So much better, right?

My Alex is now in use for storage.
For my prints, 
before they go out to you and some packaging material:)

So, this is my studio for now, 
 thought I show you some stuff, 
while making a break from painting.

These are my latest ones

"Little Wicking"

"A true Sailor Girl"

This is it for now, should go back to work.
Nice evening m Luvs..:)

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