Let`s paint everything...

Hello Lovelies, 
what can I say?
Paint is my BFF!
And I know I don`t speak only for my self...
So I decided to get my left over paint from several past projects 
and paint, paint, paint...

So here is my chalkboard kitchen wall before

and after...

Ahhh, so much better, no crazy streaks or bumples.
You can`t see it here, because it`s blurry, 
but I can tell you, this wall is smooth like baby skin;)
(And tomorrow I will paint the hall;))

Here you can see my telephone bench before, 

and during, yeah I`m getting there, 
this pretty will get another coat of light grey, some white and yellow.
This will look amazing;)

Can you see my vision?;))

I had some orange left over paint,
so my Alex has to get a new look too.
I`m crazy about orange right now.

And making progress on my paintings as well.
Here is my
"A true Sailor Girl" ;)

So this was my day so far.
What have you painted lately?
Let`s get the brushes, some paint and get started;)
Just kidding...

Pudel - design


  1. Yes, I can see your vision ;) The painting is coming along great too my friend!


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