Getting closer or out with the old, in with the new;)

Finally my Lovelies,
no my countertop isn`t in reach yet!
Maybe I`ll get the call tomorrow?
I still hope so, if they don`t call, I have to go back to the store again...

But this isn`t what I ment, 
I`m talking about my floor, in the kitchen and hall;)
17 years have passed and we are redoing em!

Finally, my tiles loook gorgeous, not done yet, but planning get ready by tomorrow.
Wanna have a sneak?

(All old tile gone. Blue foil for dust protection...
Diddn`t worked well :/ Haha;))

And the kitchen, with old floor, 

and without.

With new one;)!

Like Barney Stinson said;
"New is always better!"

You`re right bro;))

Okay, this is a lill bit dirty, but can you see my vision?
Oh my, I`m so happy;)


So have to go back;)
Nice weekend my Lovelies.

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