Busy day...

Hello Lovelies, 
I`m little pissed, my countertop hasn`t arrived yet!
It is unbelievable what could took so long to get a simple 
wooden countertop and cut it in shape.
I have to wait two more weeks until it`s here!
I waited already two!!!
This is so disappointing! 
Meanwhile my new sink and faucet are laying around under the stairs!
These pretties;)

I think they are so pretty.
Need to be installed. Argh!!!

So, meanwhile I was busy being angry at my hardware store, 
I came across this pic.
Love the industrial feel the room gets from this light fixture!
Looking awesome!

Love the copper, nice right?

So I need something like this but in grey.

After spending a huge amont of my time on Pinterest;))
I decided to start rip off my tiles and laminate from kitchen and 
little hallway, to turn my anger into something productive!

So at  1 pm my hall looked like this.
Don`t judge the red wallpaper, I was in love eight years ago;)
But I hated the tiles all these years...

After half an hour later it looked like this.

Now I got rid of all the remaining tiles, 
still the tile adhesive is showing!
Can`t believe it, this must has been the worst adhesive in the world.
It is like it comes straight from hell or something!
I did so many tile jobs and never ever it was this bad!
I think this is probably not my week...;/
So I have to get a real good tool to remove this stuff.
Aaand couldn`t get rid of the laminate in the kitchen yet because it took me 
the whole day to get the tiles off!

Don`t worry I had a percussion drill, it wasn`t just the hammer and chisel;)
Will show you tomorrow my little stripped hall...

To get back to the kitchen.

Remember this wall?
With the little table and chair?
Now think about the light fixture and some plates hanging above.
Something like these...

Think this would look awesome!

Need to add some more interesting plates.
I`m searching around for more fune ones;)

So this was my day, and two more busy to come
until the weekend is over;)

Love and hugs

Pudel - design


  1. OMG I can't believe you have to wait 2 more weeks. My quartz was installed within 1 week. So sorry for you!
    I hate having these types of days where you have a hard time but I know you can do it and remove those tiles.
    Wishing you a successful weekend ;)

  2. Beautiful faucet and love the plates. That blue one is gorgeous!


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