Should I make some changes...?

Hello Lovelies, 
I´m still here, really;)
I`m just so busy, so so busy!

And I needed a break from blogging.
To start fresh.
I know I promised you a lot to show!
And I can`t, I was sick for a week and half, 
than was helping my little cousin with her wedding,
didn`t feel myself good at all.

And this got me thinking, do I have too much on the plate?
Should I have a break?
Is all my renovations/blogging/painting/working too much for my little self?

Now as I am feeling better I don`t wanna change a thing!
And this got me thinking again.
And this is what I had in mind...
Call me crazy, don`t know;)

I love baking!
Love, love, love sweets!!!
Cakes, cookies, cup cakes, muffins...
And all this stuff, with decorating and so on.
I made many, many brides happy with some sweets for their weddings, 
should I start a food blog?
A cake blog?
With my new kitchen ahead?
Should I limit my time even more and do the all baking and photographing experience?
Should I start a new business?
Should I leave my brushes, 
since I found the perfect and not even ready studio space and betray it with some cream and cake?

This year I am turning 31!
And still don`t know what to do with my life!
Can you imagine that?
Many women in my age raise children and don`t understand my unsettled behavior.

Don`t get me wrong I got a great design degree and
love to paint, but something is missing, 
and I don`t know where my life takes me right now.
I hope some of you understands me...

So for now I thought this new little blog will maybe help express me even more.
Wanna have a glimpse?

I won`t shut down Pudel-design!
Don`t worry, I still will run this blog!
I just add another thing on my to do list and will see how I manage that!;)
So if you like, to come and visit my new little blog with some delicious recipes.
You are always welcome!

Love and Hugs Lydia!

Pudel - design


  1. Hey, echt? Da muss ich ja gleich mal schauen.
    And I totally hope you will still write and create on this blog!


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