New project I`m planning to do for three years now...

Hello my Lovelies, yes another one, 
I know I still haven`t show you my studio space, 
but I`m really excited, because I finally got everything together
and the time to redo my tiny kitchen;)

We live with this one for about nine years now, 
and it doesn`t fit our needs or style anymore.
So instead go and get another one for big money, 
I wanted to renovate this space on my own.

I wanted to replace our countertop, pretty the same color, 
just a new one.
Get new floor, a dark fake wood tile, we have here laminate in a creamy beige wood.
And you know what?! I hate to clean this floor;)
I`m in desperate need of a tile floor!

Want some open shelves, 
a solution for our microwave, nice indirect lighting, 
a breakfast area, a small one, which I can remove after we`re ready, 
a new sink and a new water faucet.

Of course paint the walls and think of painting the cabinets too, 
not sure about that.
Haven`t decided which color I should pick, 
need to look through some more 
paint samples.

This is what I thought of...

I have only 590€!
So I have to stay in budget;)

Love these pics I found on Pinterest!

Love the shelves here, 

oh and want, want a french door;)

How`s about that wall as a backsplash?

And these colors for cabinets?

Or two colors?

I think I`ll go with grey...
Oh my, decisions, decisions..:)

Now, are you ready for some nice before pics?
Please ignore the mess, we`re at a construction area right now!
It may be too much after all those pretty pictures;)

So here they come;)

So like you can see, this is a really tiny space;)
We uplifted the cabinets here, 
so I don`t have really before, before pics.

The cabinets have a creamy vanilla color and the walls are lime green.

The wood for the shelves is laying around here in the corridor.
The wall paint too, 
so my plan for tomorrow is get up early and paint those walls, 
get the shelves done, the wood is painted already and the best part, 
go to IKEA and get the items I need;)

So what do you think?
Should I go with grey for the cabinets or stick to the color I have already?
Love to hear from you, and stay tuned for the progress!
Will show you more tomorrow;)

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