Work overload and sneak peak...

Hello Lovelies, 
in the next couple of weeks, it would be a little quiet around here.
Because I`m really busy.
I have to finish 6 large paintings! 
I have some new prints in the making and some travel journals,
also some bunting...
Don`t know how to accomplish this...

And I have a bit trouble with my printing office.
Think have to find a new one.
Because we`re on different pages, when it comes to quality of my prints
I`m selling on ETSY & DAWANDA!

I will finally show you my finished studio!;)
Yes it is ready now, with the pretty chairs, curtains, cabinet and ceiling lights!
So amazing, love this space.
Now I have to create some storage space for all my paintings, 
but wait, if you guys buy them I don`t have to...just kidding;)

I will show you from time to time some sneak peaks of paintings and stuff.
So here comes a little sneak peak.

This painting is called
"Little Miss Winter - Julianne Snow"

Beyond ready...
But nice for a sneak;)

(YES I `am painting this on my heater;) 
because it`s still freezing outside and this space is huge and I get cold feet really fast;))

I think every one of you creatives out there knows how it is
if you have tons of ideas and your head is near to explode
 and you have not enough time
to get the stuff done you thinking of!
So wish me luck and see you soon around here;)

And happy passed Valentine`s to you my Luvs!

Pudel - design


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