Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs...
Maybe you already know them, 
but to me they are brand new ;)

Take a look...
Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

Oh, I hope  this girl will blog on, 
because when all her projects are so gorgeous like her pantry make over
Please follow My Domestic Obsession!
Just click below...

Happy reading;)

Pudel - design


Kathy Moody hat gesagt…

Hi! Love your beautiful blog!! Your newest follower from Gingerly Made. :)

Kathy @ lifeonlakeshoredrive.com

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here hat gesagt…

Hi Lydia, Thanks for the introduction to these blogs. I am familiar with a couple of them but I will check out the others. I am a new follower and look forward to browsing through your blog.
xx, Sherry

Julia Konya hat gesagt…

I love "a Beautiful Mess" und muss mir die anderen Blogs auch mal anschauen!

Cristina Garay hat gesagt…

I know some of them, ready to visit some of the others. Thanks for introducing them!

Design_Fluff hat gesagt…

Thank you for sharing some of these. Some I know, some are new.