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DIY fake driftwood panel star!

Hello Lovelies,  shall we make some stars? Some driftwood stars? You will not need wood or hot glue or screws... All you need is some cardboard, mod podge, duct tape  and a wood printed wallpaper. Yes that`s all. Shall we begin?;)
Just print out a star shape, or draw them freehand,  just use photoshop or something. Like this one.

Than trace the shape on cardboard,  or draw freehand. If satisfied, fold in the middle of the jags and cut the lines,  to get the star in shape. After that, simple put duct tape on the gaps. You don`t want a flat, boring cut out star,  you wan to create a dimensional shape. (Don`t worry at the end you won`t notice all the crinkles...) Like this.

See? If done so, use a big blob of mod podge and slash it on the  backside of the wallpaper and on the duct taped side of the star.

Here`s the wallpaper I`m talking about...

Let everything dry an hour or so.

Cut them out of your wallpaper  and simple fold your star. Because of the duct tape it will stay in place. Now…

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them,  but to me they are brand new ;)
Take a look... Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

Oh, I hope  this girl will blog on,  because when all her projects are so gorgeous like her pantry make over I WANNA SEE THEM;) Please follow My Domestic Obsession! Just click below...

Happy reading;)
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Need some change...

Hello Lovelies,  I don`t know what`s about you, but every time when the holidays are over,  the Christmas decoration is back in it`s boxes. I`m in desperate need of color! Not sparkly and shine,  just some pastels,  some whites and greens,  some blues and blushy pnks...
Outside it`s still snowing, the snow we missed in December. We got now TONS!!! outside;)
Don`t get me wrong I LOVE winter, I do, but I need some color! I think I just miss the Sea. So as everyone knows, by following my blog I love the Sea and everything Beachy.  This year it`s no change about that. So I have to bring my beach back to my home. With some pastel blue and creamy beige.
Here are some pics from my living room...

Just shopped some new accessoires and mixed them up with my old stuff. This feels so much better now. Love the blue, chevron and the driftwood...:) Like I look at my paddle, I think there`s a new DIY knocking on my door,  stay tuned for that;)
So what do you think?
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Some slight changes in my studio...

Hello Lovelies, like I promised you in this post here,  I will show you my drawing corner at my studio. Where I also wrap and sign the paintings I`m selling, and where I do the other mail, office stuff when I`m not upstairs at my office where I blog;)
And now it is ready, for me it is perfect. I have storage for all my pens, and pencils, brushes etc. For small canvases and frames,  a big farmhouse desk where I can draw and  a nice bulletin board where I can pin on my inspirational pics and stuff. And a lucid chair;) Oh I love my chair, with some fake but so so soft sheepskin on it;))
Here it is before, with the perfect table,
but with a 70`s BLAH!!! paint on it.

Yeah, I see, you remember;)
So what I did to this table, to look more suitable. I simply stripped down the ugly glossy, blah paint and gave them  a new, worn out farmhouse look, which I love.

After three coats of this weapon and some scraping  I end up with this.

See the ugly spots? First I thought I just gave them a coat of…

A huge THANKS!!!

Hello Lovelies,  I`ve been featured,  my DIY House - Warming gift is!

From these beautiful ladies;)
Cristine from the DIY dreamer

and Sarah, the owner of 

Thank you so much Ladies;) You`ve really made my day!!!

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The new Lonny!

Hello Lovelies,  the new Lonny mag is online!
Just click the pic to get there.

Happy reading;)
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Some paint action...;) or the first project for 2013!

Hello Lovelies,  I am making some serious progress on my studio! I want to accomplish a lot this year! I want go for BIG;) Just kidding, but here you can see some paint action,  not a painting this time, some orange cabinets. You would probably ask yourself, what the he...? But be patient, I really hope to show you at least one of these babies finished by the weekend! And they will look awesome!(At least in my eyes;)
So here they are;)

Curious? Hmm, okay this smaller one 

goes up here.

What`s about now? ;) So I really hope I can show you more till the weekend!
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