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DIY Tile Art, a tutorial!

Hello Lovelies,  when you read "tile art"? What do you think of?
Some mosaik, or a back splash in the kitchen? Not really that kind of tiles but I stole the  shape of an kitchen backsplash tile and made a framed piece for my office desk;)
Wanna see how? Okay let`s startin...
At first just find some nice tiles on the www. I chose these here,  printed them out and created a pattern,  simply cut the shape out and traced it on cardboard.

But how did I made the tiles? I think all of you know clay? These sticky air drying mixture,  that everyone make little bowls from? I did too;). Can see here:)
If you know that, you know how I did it;)

What I used, frame, scissors, clay, cardboard pattern, hot glue gun,  sharp knife.
Just place your pattern on the rolled out clay and cut it out,  lay on side to dry, repeat. If you have enough let them dry overnight  or put it in the oven for about 15 minutes on the lowest temperature.

After they dried, I glued them on the insert of a frame. And …

New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing blogs... Maybe you already know them,  but to me they are brand new ;)
Take a look... Just click the pic, to get to the blog.

Happy reading;)

Pudel - design

My own dyed basket!

Hello Lovelies,  as I posted here before, I was flea market hunting and found this very nice basket. I thought about dyeing this one.

Like all the other you see on the internet! Sadly hadn`t this much white paint left. That`s where the good old spray paint  comes in;) Why not?
So I taped my basket accept the areas  I wanted to be white and started spraying.  Just that simple.

That`s how it looked after three coats.

Removed paper and tape and that`s how it looks right now;) Drumroll please...

The new home for my blankets and pillows. To wrap up on cold days in front of the fireplace. Since our summer this year is so damn rainy and cold  I don`t have to wait for winter to do that!
Besides, I`m pretty happy how this baby looks now;)
Any suggestions? Love to hear from you!

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Some weekend randomness from my garden...

Hello Lovelies, nothing special today, just chillin and watching the european soccer masters. Germany is on a good way...
And took some shots in my garden,  the peonies are gone;( so sad,  but the roses and hydrangeas are in full bloom right now;)

These pretties are in a bucket on my front porch  which is almost done;)

Love my roses and hydrangeas! What is your favorite flower? Love to hear from you;)

Pudel - design

Ridiculously simple eat sign...

Hello Lovelies,  here is a quick and really ridiculously simple wall art for you!
From this...

...into this!

So here`s how I did it;) Grab your material, like you see them above. Print the font of your choice, transfer on paper, 

paint the letters (in color of choice), 

cut your passe-partout

and place in frame;)

Find a nice place to hang!

So bare and sad;(

Much better;) Add some flowers and enjoy!

Simple right?!;)
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Pudel - design

Flea market Finds Friday...

Hello Lovelies,  it`s been a long time since my last FFF post! But this time I got reel good finds;) Wanna see them?
I only paid 15bugs for this wicker basket,  the two little bottles,  the pretty jar and the wire basket;) That was a steal!
Oh and I`ve got a nice striped rug for the barn only for 5€!

I think I will dye the basket white.

The cute wire basket and the two little bottles. I think I will paint them too look like sea glass,  for the barn.

And this pretty, pretty jar!

Pretty right? And here is the rug for the barn and some DIY painted bottles and some  DIY wall art!

We will place a wicker chair  underneath the framed sea stars.

Nice right? This project is getting closer and closer to the end. The only thing what is missing are the little dining table & chairs for the inside,  I`m still working on. Some nice striped curtains to hide the shelves and match the rug.
And I got a real huge vintage map,  don`t know what my clients think about that. I wanted to place it behind t…