DIY artwork for my office!

Hello Lovelies, 
today I show you a simple way to display a pocket watch.
So I had this pretty watch on a necklace.
I got it from a really dear friend of mine.
I love it, but kinda don`t wear it anymore
and it doesn`t work anymore.
So I decided to display it in a frame and hang it in my office.

What you need for this DIY:
A watch (obviously), 
a frame, glue gun, 
nails, a hammer, 
some vintage graphics of all kind of watches
and a passe-partout.

Just cut a piece of paper, to fit in the frame and place your watch, 
where you want it to be.

Than start drawing and glueing down some parts
or simple trace the graphics down on your paper.

I just mixed some profiles of the watch, some technical drawings,
glued down a french invention description to the left corner.
Draw the clock face, some little cogs and screws...

Lets make a little brake on all that drawing;)
You wanna see where my cat sleeps in the studio?
Sometimes I can`t believe it!

You see this dirty, stained yellow cloth? 
This is the cloth I clean my dirty brushes with!
It`s not even dry!
Look at this face;)

He hasn`t done anything wrong;)
If it fits, it sits! 

Okay guys, back to post...

Than I added  little gold color ans some shadows around the drawings
and cut the board for the back of the frame.

After that I used my glue gun, to glue the watch in place and the paper on the board
 and put the whole thing in the frame,
 to see how it looks.

You see these little metall thingies?
Which hold the glass in place?!
So I had to cover them too.
I cut a passe-partout to hide them and nailed the board on the back 
of the frame.

And here it is ready to hang!

Im pretty happy how it turned out!
So what do you think?
Any suggestions?

Would love to hear from you!

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  1. Wow, that is really beautiful! You are talented. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I will be scrolling through yours this evening :)

  2. Oh I collect pocket watches. Love it!
    Habe ein paar von meinem Opa und Uropa!


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