Just some updates and a great find.

Hello Lovelies, 
last weekend I showed you our cladding.
So , this here it is now, nearly finished.
The problem is, that the company which delivered the panels,
made a mistake and we got not the right amount of them.
So we had to order some more.
Until we wait for them, I can show you the unfinished cladding.

Looks pretty finished right?

Now here is the unfinished part of the house.

We have to get it done until winter.
That was the building site.

Now I wanted to show you the find I talked in the headline:)

Here it is...

Like you can see, it is an old (ugly) computer cabinet.
I wanted to add some crown molding, 
some old lion claw shaped furniture feet.
New handles and rearrange the drawers inside.
Wanted to paint it in orange and white.
And I will use them in my studio for a build in sink I found at IKEA.

For washing my brushes.
I think when I`m done with it, it will look amazing;)

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